talk about beauty . .

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as usual (well, although my sista always say "there's nothing such 'usual'") I got it from dA =), coz for now dA is on the top of the top of my "SITES THAT I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THEM" list, well I'll not tell you about that, but about the picture I got from there. (as you can see above)

Till now me, myself sometimes think that "beauty" is that the thing you can see in the mirror or everyone can sees on you (your appearance), and that picture just like a big punch in my face, because What it (the picture) says is very true, and something that people seem to need to learn that "Beauty isn't on your face, it's in your heart". and I think, well it's a fact actually, that most people (89%) said that the real beauty is inside, not outside, trust me, its a fact. (I really recommend you to visit the site, awesome!)

well, it might some people out there think that our appearances was the most important one and the one really reflects ourselves, but as I said before, trust me, just stay as who you are, "love yourself first, then everything fall into the line"

I hope you will be able to see the beauty within you. It's there! everyone is beautiful, and everyone needs to realizing that. =)

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