I was like... 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

You know what?
I failed to do the thing I supposed to do
ewwww, three times alreadyyy
God, If I were in TanTan, I guess Im out out heart already (´~`)

Yasudahlah, maybe I need to try harder, and smarter for sure!!!

Dan ...akhirnya Ive activated the t-cash sticker phewwww, setelah seminggu lamanya mengendap di dalam tas

forgive my soul....
something is just so weirdly wrong

Baiklah, lets share stories, kemarinnn, aku ngshift bareng Tandi dan Vinta, was funnnn, we took selfie!

But maybe we were too happy juga sih jadinya I made a mistake, I guess somehow happiness brings something called awareness down :|
Jadi sekiranya kalian berada pada stage yang happy, teteuuppp, jangan lupa waspada, karena bisa saja kesalahan terjadiiii, hiks, untungnya tidak fatal (T ^ T)

Selain ituuu, akhirnyaaaa Ive returned the book I borrowed....and borrow another book titled : Tuesday with Morrie
I had no idea what is this book about, but it sounds familiar to mee, so I decided to take it

Tomorrow Im gonna watch either Everest or Self/Less in either TP/Ciwo, still not sure about it though, but one thing for sure is that Im gooiiin to watch a movie!

Well, I need to add this too, kemarin dan sampai sekarang, aku nonton serial True Detective that Vinta gave me, interesting, aku ingat pertama kali liat Matthew McConaughey pas dia jadi kapten sebuah tim football di film We are Marshall hahahaa(//∇//) was long time ago!
Tapi di sini Matthew berperan menjadi seorang detective yang kalau menurutku agak eksentrik, cerdas, pastinya, and he reminds me a lot sama one of my friends in the university which is namanya gak boleh dipublikasikan di sini hehehe
Dan aku kadang heran, dan seringkali susah mengerti apa yang mereka ungkapkan, it seems like they have their own world, even if some people tell me that I do the same hahahaha(/ω\*)

But I guess as far as we can find some of eerrr...just anything mutual, then we can be friends and we can share just almost anything as well...

Another thing....
Errrr, I think I need to learn more and more, I know nothing at all, and knowing that I know nothing kills me (┯_┯)
And maybe Ive been dead since a long time ago, I wouldnt know.....(ToT)

Alright...alrighttt, stoo Nia..., just cut it outtt
Better read the book.....

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