What a bless!

Today was different, I feel so tired since I wake up in the morning and I feel like Im going to be really ...really....sick, but Im not sure of why, Im not even sure whether it is what my body tells me or it was just my stupid thoughts

I tried to forget about what Im feeling, and started watching True Detective, as what I told you on my latest post.
To my surprise, I feel even more tired and sick.

Then I get up and walk, and go upstrairs, and be more active, I think to myself, maybe Im just bored.

But then...nothing changes, I feel just the same.

So I prayed to God, and eat sweets and drink milk.

An hour before the time I leave my office, I feel slightly better. Alhamdulillah.

I told my dad that I want to eat pempek, he said we can buy it on our way home, but then he forgot, so we just go straight home, buy nothing.

Im a bit sad, but it gives me no benefits, so I started to do something else, to make myself feel much better.

A reminder popped out, Call Hengki!
So right! I promised him a call back tonight.
so then I took my turn.
Called him back.
We had such a good time!
We talk about random things, and about our vacation plan next year, and some other silly things.
We're bestfriends since 5 years ago!
Sure I feel better after it, alhamdulillah...

And last but not least, I am feeling totally blessed when I finally read Tuesdays with Morrie

God, maybe I'll see things differently after finishing this book!
A book of lesson, a lesson of life.

Morrie is an old professor, and he's going to die very soon, but he isnt afraid nor sad of that, he did the very best of him, and it is so inspiring...
It was just some little things, something simple, but you'll find it really meaningful in the right time

I cant stop reading it!
But I have to be patient because my sister already ask me to turn the light off, she said she is going to sleep, even if she is still texting (I know she does)
So I turned the light off, and put off my book too, ohhh no :(
By the time I opened my eyes tomorrow, reading this book will be the 2nd thing I'll do! after praying coz it always be the 1st :D

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