SDO : Siblings Day Out

Yippiiieeeee, yes right!
Yesterday, I went to 4 different places with my little brother and my little sister too!
It was cool because we were doing so much fun even if we ran out of money hahahahaha

First place was Tugu Pahlawan, why?
Because I`ve never been there for once even if I`ve been living for almost 2 years in Surabaya hahahaha, I bet a lot of people experiencing the same condition too :P

Anyway, I'm not going to write everything in here, because I have another blog which I use to write about anything related to travelling, that is :D

So you can visit my blog and read about Tugu Pahlawan, Museum 10 November, Museum Kesehatan, Museum Surabaya and last but not least Spazio (really, it was a long journey we`ve made)

So, see you there!
Don't forget to do your homework sweetie ♡

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