What the.....

You know what?
It went totally crazy
Super awful

So it started with...Lenmarc, the bazaar, the one with Elle and Jess something was not there, idk, but they said it's 5 to 7 this veryyyyy friggginnnn daaayyyy
But I was there and there was nothinggggg, only silence and emptyness you know...
And suddenly it rained cats and dogs, make it even worse😭😭😭😭😭😭
And I got no one to talk to
And no good food to eat

So I decided to watch The Boy
I thought it's gonna be thrilling, but it wasn't, it was not scaryyyy at alllllll no surprises nothinggggg at allllll

The only thing brighten my day was the random guy saying something nice about my rainbow umbrella
And that's it

Between sucksss, it didnt work, I hate ittttt

And what's even more irritating .... my partner fell asleep again, at time like thisss??? Seriouslyyyy like whyyyyyyy whyyyy whyyyyyy


I guess I'll spend the rest of this day crying
And thank you for reading this..
And yes this is stupid I know

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