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Hannibal, yes,

a friend of mine a long time ago (even if it wasn't that long though but somehow it felt that long...) recommended me this series

I completed session 1
and this kind of feeling that I have right now

I don't exactly know what kind of feeling is this

like I don't feel sad, nor happy

it's like ... maybe I don't feel anything

the opposite of my feeling is my thought

my brain is thinking so hard about something that I, again
don't really know what

it's feels like...when you're trying to remember something from your childhood

but it's really hard to recall the memory because you aren't so sure which memory is yours, which memory is someone else's, it's a little mixed

and as I typing

now I began to feel a little sad and lonely

and my thoughts...

there are just a lot of thing I would like to tell

but it always gone as I think of telling about it

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